In order to meet the needs of operators in aviation components, ARK Technik has created its own system of integrated approach for using of components pool, round-the-clock operation, which allows to replace failed or faulty units and assemblies in the shortest possible time.

A comprehensive spare parts program includes:

  • from 3 to 72 hours guaranteed replacement unit delivery (depending on operator’s location from the airports of Moscow air hub);
  • creation of spare parts warehouse directly at the base airport,
  • testing of faulty/failed units and components in own avionics laboratory, their refurbishment.
  • continuous work to optimize the pool on the basis of operation statistics data.

The return-and-exchange stock of components is formed based on analysis of units failure statistics, supported by the unification of equipment installed on different types of aircraft, and by today is the most balanced in terms of range and quantity. Aircraft operation monitoring from the date of manufacture allows us to optimize the list of necessary spare parts, maintain a pool of the most relevant and required units and assemblies.

Using the ARK Technik stock and laboratory capabilities allows:

  • to get guaranteed access to the most required spare parts,
  • to exclude a long time search for relevant and authentic components,
  • to study and elimination of failures /malfunctions in the shortest possible time,
  • to reduce operators costs connected with the emergency purchase and/or lease of component in AOG situation,
  • improve the image of operator by guaranteed dispatch reliability.
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