Founded in 2009, ARK Technik laboratory provides a wide range of inspections and restoration of Russian and foreign components installed on Il-96, Tu 204-100/300, Tu-214, AN-148, SSJ-100 aircraft.

Technical Center is equipped with three ground-based automated control systems NASKD-200MB, NASK-2000-1 and NASK-2000-2.

Basic capabilities:

  • Performance of work for more than 150 components;
  • Incoming inspection, evaluation of components technical condition, failure detection with the following transmission of inspection reports, parameter compliance detection;
  • Performance of routine maintenance (a full range of inspections according to the maintenance checks);
  • Inspections performance during on-condition maintenance;
  • Restoration of avionics by replacement of failed units in accordance with the MM;
  • Determination of failures reasons;
  • Creation of history (reports) of inspections in electronic form, exchange of information with the designer and Russian aviation authorities.

In accordance with the current certification by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), laboratory specialists ensure the inspection and repair of galley equipment (coffee makers, ovens) by B/E Aerospace, as well as weather radars RDR-4B by Honeywell.

Using the laboratory capabilities allows ARK Technik customers to reduce significantly the inspection/repair time and cost.

Lists of AIREO products and systems for which laboratory checks are carried out and serviceability is restored in the Laboratory of JSC ARK Technik:

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